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We are introducing High Density Urethane Signs to our offerings. HDU signs are very durable lasting up to 25 years. They are made of a dense foam that can be cut and carved with a router to any shape or texture, from smooth to woodgrain and sand textures. These signs can also be layered in pieces to create a 3D look and painted or airbrushed to really create beautiful works of art.


High Density Urethane

Fort Knox Campground needed a durable and unique sign to represent their new campground. We did an HDU sign with a wood grain texture and 2 colors. It was installed between two cedar tree posts.

eagle hdu_edited.jpg

High Density Urethane

Sunrise Middle School wanted to dress up the front office with a HDU wall hanging of their eagle mascot. It is painted in 4 colors and we went with a smooth finish.


High Density Urethane

HDU can emulate many textures. It can be layered and painted any color scheme. It is highly durable and only needs paint touchups over the years.

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